ANIME Course



The ANIME course is a course from the animation major and the stop motion major. The Department of Anime aims to create innovative anime expressions by examining traditional Japanese animation from various angles, taking over the context, and using cutting-edge technology. This course is open to infinite possibilities.

Animation major
5days a week / 2years

Animation major

Be animator as immediate force

Can be Animator, Key animator, Animation director etc

In this course, you can aim for all occupations related to animation such as animator, key animator, animation director, coloring, background, finishing, charactor designer, color designer, director.

Practical curriculum taught by anime director

Active animator Obata Kimiharu teach with practical curriculum, who has produced more than 3000 animators, and 25 years of experience in anime education.

amps have Pioneer Production(ANIME production)

Pioneer production have pro animators who is excellent graduates of amps. In amps, students.

amps have connections of more than 200 anime studios

There are more than 200 animation studios and production companies around Nakano-ku, Tokyo, where amps are located. We work closely with these companies.

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Stop motion major
5days a week / 2years

Stop motion major

Freely move between 3D and 2D

A journey to explore the origin of anime

The origin of anime is from time-lapse as stop motion animation. Let your lute be clear by back to the origin of anime.

Researching cutting-edge technologies

Making full use of cutting-edge technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and 3D printers, we will revolutionize classic stop-motion animation.

Can aim for a wide range of occupations

Can be learned divarse technique and knowledge because in stopmotion major, learn from classic to cutting edge. charactorfigure and game, Our aim is production of human who is needed in diverse field.

amps make many opportunities of presentation for students

We make many opportunities to present studentʻs works in around Nakano-ku [fashion building ○|○|marui gallery in around nakano]

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  • Drawing1〜4
  • Animation1〜4
  • Sketch1〜4
  • Directing1〜4
  • Degital animation1〜4
  • Key animator1〜4
  • Practical animation1〜4
  • Field power1〜4
  • Make work1〜6
  • Shot and Edit1〜2
  • Modeling1〜8
  • Painting1〜6
  • Duplicate1〜2
  • 3D modeling1〜8
  • Employment1〜4
  • Event exhibit1〜8


  • 夏川 彰 Akira Natsukawa
  • 小幡 公春 Kimiharu Obata
  • 矢沢 俊吾
  • 對馬 琢章
  • 澤井 慶
  • ウチヤマ リュウタ
  • 今西 勇太
  • 伊集院 絵美
  • Mantri Manoj Mahesh
  • 杉野 郁

Studentʻs works

Achievements of graduates

  • A-1 Pictures
  • オーエルエム
  • ぎゃろっぷ
  • 京都アニメーション
  • サンライズ
  • シャフト
  • シンエイ動画
  • スタジオカラー
  • Studio五組
  • スタジオコメット
  • スタジオジブリ
  • タツノコプロダクション
  • テレコム・アニメーションフィルム
  • david production
  • ディオメディア
  • 動画工房
  • トリガー
  • ぴえろ
  • プロダクションIG
  • PONCOTAN Nakano
  • ボンズ
  • マッドハウス
  • ufotable



Trial lecture and Information events

"In amps, we regularly hold Trial lectures and information events sometimes. You can feel the atmosphere of amps when you take part this events. And we answer your question about class, fee, and unknown point."

  • Jun-4-2022 14:00
  • Jun-11-2022 14:00
  • Please apply at least 3days of advance