About amps international ANIME school

School name is acronym of "anime" "manga" "pioneer" "school".

We cultivate pioneers of anime and manga fifields. Also amp has a meaning of amplififier, our teachers give you trainings to amplify creators and artists.

In amps students, teachers and staffs from diverse cultures, Who inspire each other everyday. "amps" supports people who cannot take a step toward dream by various problem. What is your dream ? Is this possible ? let make a dream come true together.

This course is supported for international students.

※Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry certification, Cool Japan policy course.

This course scheduled to start in April 2021 as an approved school by Cool Japan policy by MEIT(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) We can apply for stuudent VISA after April 2021. Our aims are disseminate contents of ANIME MANGA in international. After graduate Our students enter the ANIME MANGA industry in japan. and launch ANIME, MANGA culture in student’s home country.


Trial lecture and Information events

"In amps, we regularly hold Trial lectures and information events sometimes. You can feel the atmosphere of amps when you take part this events. And we answer your question about class, fee, and unknown point."

  • We are accepting applications for October students.
    If you are interested, please contact us first!